At the heart of every decision we make and everything we do is the patient and how we can improve their cancer journey. As the fundraising partner of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, the stories of patients serve as our inspiration to raise funds for and promote the incredible work of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

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What is your cancer journey story? Whether you’re a patient, family member, health care provider, donor or volunteer, we’d be honoured to hear from you.

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Amy Smith-Morris

Watching Amy Smith-Morris play with her and her husband’s dogs in their Saskatoon home, it’s easy to see that the 32 year old has a whole new appreciation for the little things in life.

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Dr. Maurice Hennink

Dr. Maurice Hennink has spent his career as a medical health officer, educating people about public health issues. His own health, never in question.

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Kim Swiatecki

Kim Swiatecki knows how lucky she is to be able to stay at home and look after her son Michael.

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