A Home Away From Home

The Regina Cancer Patient Lodge is a home-away-from-home for cancer patients across southern and central Saskatchewan. Any patient travelling to Regina for treatment at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre can stay here with a companion.

Built in 1985 specifically to support cancer patients’ long stays for their treatments, the two-story Lodge has always been a comfortable, safe haven that provides very affordable accommodations.

After 35 years this home is showing it’s age and is in great need of your support for repairs and upgrades.

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The Lodge is a place of serenity for cancer patients. The staff are caring and comforting and always there to help or to lend an ear.

Last year their 28 beds provided more than 3,700 nights for patients going through treatment and diagnostic testing across the street at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre.

Sherry, the Site Manager for the Regina Cancer Patient Lodge has seen nearly 10,000 guests come through the doors. She wants you to know how important the Lodge is to cancer patients and their families.






“Staying at the Lodge means the worry of everyday travel to treatment disappears, and allows a patient to rest and recharge with good nutrition and emotional support. Many family members have told me how grateful they are to know their loved one is staying at the Lodge and they do not know how they would have managed without it.”






Your gift to this campaign will help in these key areas.

Upgrades to the Building

The Lodge has urgent needs that need to be addressed this year to ensure patients' safety and comfort remain a priority. For instance, replacement of the 35-year-old elevator, a stairlift to the second floor for accessibility and fire safety, LED lighting and flooring.

Patient Care & Comfort

New upgrades to the bedrooms including a place to put toiletries, books, and clothing. Adding more functional furniture to provide comfort for aches, pain and fatigue patients encounter during the day and night.

Keeping It Affordable

The cost to each patient is $40 a night but the cost to the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency to operate the Lodge is $100 a night. Every dollar you give now to help improve efficiencies and keep the Lodge affordable helps one more cancer patient in the province.

Every dollar you give to the Lodge will help cancer patients get through their treatments. 

Thank you for your generosity.

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A message from a grateful guest of the Lodge.

Polaroid of Louise Bird kissing her son.





“There were other people who you could talk to who understood what you were going through. It was very much a family-like environment. You can basically do everything there that you would do at home.”

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