New technology is needed at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre!

In September 2019 we launched the CT Simulator Community Campaign to replace two CT Simulators in Regina and Saskatoon. Thanks to your generosity the Foundation is more than halfway towards its goal!

So far, a new 4D CT Simulator is installed and operational at Regina’s Allan Blair Cancer Centre. Patients undergoing radiation treatment are already benefitting from this incredible technology.

But we’re not there yet!

Cancer patients need your help!  Just ask cancer survivor Shannon Martin.

$1 Million is needed to bring state-of-the-art 4D CT Simulator technology to Saskatoon.

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Why It Matters 

More than half of the 6,000 cancer patients diagnosed this year in our province will undergo radiation treatment during their cancer journey. No cancer patient can receive radiation without first having a CT Simulation.

The current CT Simulator uses 3D technology and is at the end of its life. A new simulator with 4D technology will provide clearer images and take into account how tumours can move during radiation – just from functioning organs and the simple act of breathing.

This new equipment will be more exact and efficient, providing the best radiation treatment for cancer patients.

Cancer patients are already facing one of the hardest journeys of their life.

Your donation will ensure patients in Saskatchewan continue to receive the highest quality of care.

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Cancer survivor Karen Allen has gone through her own journey and watched many of her family members do the same, with a very difficult outcome.

Watch her story and hear why supporting this campaign is vitally important to the future of cancer patients in Saskatoon.

Community Leaders Step-up For Cancer Patients in Saskatchewan

In 2019, Conexus Credit Union stepped up for cancer patients and donated $500,000 to the CT Simulator Community Campaign. The donation is split evenly between the Allan Blair Cancer Centre in Regina and the Saskatoon Cancer Centre.

Check out the photos from our Sept. 11, 2019 launch of the CT Simulator Community Campaign.