Our Goals For Saskatchewan

At the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan, we believe that we can make a difference in cancer care in our province.

We know that one in two Canadians will face cancer in their lifetime. But we also know that people are living with a diagnosis of cancer longer than ever before. Thanks to research, prevention, early detection, and new treatment methods, we are seeing more people surviving and thriving.

With your help, we can support the needs of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency with the ultimate benefit being to patients and their families: needs that fall within our fundraising pillars outlined below.

Early Detection & Treatment

Early detection helps to prevent and identify early stages of cancer. The earlier something can be diagnosed, the greater likelihood it can be successfully managed. We support the work of the Agency and their three screening programs by ensuring they have the most advanced technology to detect and treat patients in Saskatchewan.

The Screening Program for Breast Cancer invites women 50 years of age and older to get a regular mammogram every two years. Approximately 75 per cent of breast cancers diagnosed through this program are early stage.

The Screening Program for Cervical Cancer invites women 21 years of age and older to have a PAP test done every two years. After three normal tests the woman can have the test every three years to age 69.

The Screening Program for Colorectal Cancer invites men and women between 50 to 74 years of age to have a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) every two years. Colorectal Cancer is over 90 per cent preventable with screening.

Learn more on the Agency’s screening programs.

Prevention & Health Promotion

Between 30-50% of cancers are preventable by addressing key cancer risk factors. The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency works with communities, organizations and all levels of government to create conditions in our province that improve population health and well-being to prevent cancer. This is done through programming, youth surveys, public education on sun safety and the risks of smoking, and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Care & Comfort

Donations to care and comfort will provide funds to support the Cancer Agency’s work with patients and families who are affected by cancer in our province. These donations speak to the very heart of our work—helping our patients during their cancer journey. From providing coffee and snacks to patients and families through our volunteers, to supporting patients with wigs and head coverings, donations to care and comfort help meet many patient needs.

Patients who might be experiencing financial difficulties can also benefit from care and comfort by receiving taxi vouchers to and from treatment, gas cards, parking passes, support towards local lodging and help for families to purchase groceries.

Donations to care and comfort also help the Cancer Agency fund patient-related services, equipment and furniture in our cancer centres and lodges including access to cable television, internet and translation services, new treatment and waiting room chairs, blanket warmers, and maintaining up to date resources in our patient libraries. These little comforts have a significant impact on helping our patients every day.

The donations to care and comfort stay right here in Saskatchewan and help to make the cancer experience a little bit easier for individuals and families.


We know cancer research is expensive but that pales in comparison to the cost of disease to the individual, their family and society. The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency’s researchers are at the forefront of the work being done to battle this deadly disease. Their innovative work includes:

  • Building the “Google Maps” of cancer cells
  • What Turns A Gene On or Off
  • Improving Hematology-Oncology
  • Perking up the Body’s Immune System to Fight Off Cancer

Taking a collaborative approach, Agency researchers are driving innovation and discoveries that will make a difference for patients not just in Saskatchewan, but potentially around the world.



We are all Stronger Together.

Your donation will contribute to the care of cancer patients in Saskatchewan.
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Lisa Davidson

It can be tough to find the positive when you are told you have cancer but Lisa Davidson from Regina tried to do just that. Just before the Labour Day Long Weekend in 2016, her suspicions were confirmed…breast cancer.

Sam Kliman

Sam Kliman has an attitude…and it was an important part of his cancer journey. Ten years ago the Regina resident was in his early 30’s and enjoying life; golfing, staying fit, hanging out with friends and loving his job.

Louise Bird

You can’t help but be impressed with Louise Bird’s attitude. The two-time cancer survivor, mother to four children, one step-child and grandma to ten grandchildren had a simple mantra while battling breast cancer.