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Every gift you give stays in Saskatchewan helping cancer patients. As the fundraising partner of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, your donation goes to enhancing cancer patients’ care and treatment for every resident undergoing treatment in the province.

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CT Simulations performed annually at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre.
Total number of room nights over the last 15 years, a cancer patient found comfort at the Regina Cancer Patient Lodge.
New cancer cases diagnosed annually in Saskatchewan.

Regina Cancer Patient Lodge

You can help make it feel like home. Donate today to support urgent upgrades needed at the Regina Cancer Patient Lodge.
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Jordana’s Story

Jordana's story is about a Regina women's own experience facing stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.

Why The C95 Radio Marathon Should Matter To Everyone

Find out why the C95 Radio Marathon should matter to all of us.

Troy’s Story

Cancer has affected Regina's Troy Kocur in many ways. If there is one positive, it's that his diagnosis has given him a new perspective on life.